History Of Medical Marijuana card In Oxnard

Cannabis for the longest time has had one of the most fascinating histories when it comes to the United States Of America. It is a highly controversial substance to have entered the mainstream medical market. It is probably the most debated drug of the 21st century. As the legal wave has taken over the whole country, the debate has only become more heated. In comparison to the rest of the country, California has stayed at the forefront of the Cannabis revolution.

The movement began all the way back in 1972 but the actual legal repercussions came into effect around 1996. Proposition 215 was introduced which meant that the golden state is now able to legally purchase and use medical cannabis. That was when the first initiative regarding medical cannabis was approved. This was followed by a three-year medical marijuana program introduced in the year 1999. Then came the year 2016 when the inevitable happened and California legalized recreational marijuana under proposition 64. This, of course, does not mean that you can just go around buying and selling as much cannabis as you want. There are still laws and restrictions in place to ensure that people don’t go overboard.

Today, you can buy both recreational and medical cannabis at dispensaries across the state. Additionally, there is also a medical marijuana program in place that allows people to access medical marijuana for various medical conditions. For this purpose and a lot more there are various regulatory bodies in place. Some of the most important ones are the Cannabis Regulatory Authority, The Bureau of Cannabis Control, The Department of Food and Agriculture and The Department of Public Health.

Qualifying Conditions of Medical Marijuana In Oxnard .

Medical Cannabis was made legal in Oxnard, California by 1996, Since then it has become one of the most popular forms of medication especially for pain relief. In order to join the Medical Marijuana Programme, you must be suffering from one of the various qualifying medical conditions. These conditions include muscle spasms, cancer, cachexia, glaucoma, severe nausea, anorexia, seizures, AIDS, migraine, or any other chronic medical symptoms.

If your condition is not on the list, there is another way to get access to a Medical Marijuana Card. If your condition fulfills one of the below-listed requirements then you might be eligible for a Medical Marijuana Card,

  • If your condition is not alleviated then you may suffer from severe discomfort and harm the patient’s mental and physical health.
  • It limits a person’s ability to conduct significant life functions as mentioned in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

A valid MMJ card can only be issued by a licensed practicing physician. So, one needs to be careful where they get their medical marijuana recommendation.

Driving And Flying With 420 Evaluations!

Driving with MMJ is pretty similar to what the rules are while driving with alcohol. According to the California Vehicle Code 23222 (b) VC, which was implemented in January 2018, a person over the age of 21 can possess and drive with cannabis. However, there are certain restrictions in place as well. You cannot drive with loose cannabis in the vehicle. This implies that the cannabis container needs to be properly sealed. The value of the cannabis in your vehicle should not exceed the value of $100. The carrying limit stays constant, on an ounce of dried cannabis and about 8g for any other type. If you have a medical cannabis card then the carrying limit is 8 times the stated amount.

The mode of transportation people are very interested to know about is flying. Again depends on the place where you are. The Los Angeles International Airport allows people to carry cannabis in the permissible amount. As long as your arrival and departure destination both are places where cannabis is legal, you will face no issues. But, if you carry it to a state where it is illegal then you might be arrested.

Medical Marijuana Card & Evaluations .

Telemedicine is the future. Over time it has been seen that the same level of care can be given through these channels without any hindrance from the distance aspect of the situation. We take pride in providing the best in class services for each and every patient. A medical marijuana card is a connection between you and the medical marijuana community.

An MMJ card can only be procured from licensed Physicians. Anything else is considered to be fraudulent.

Our Simple 3 Step Process


A simple form where you fill out your basic medical history and the condition you are suffering from.


A medical marijuana doctor then evaluates your condition through a chat and then charts the best course for your treatment.


Once you are through with your doctor’s appointment you will receive your Medical Marijuana Card.

Benefits Of A Medical Marijuana Grower License in oxnard

Medical is still relatively new in the medical market and it often becomes an expensive acquisition even after the tax break granted by an MMJ card. You can make the whole process a lot more cost-effective. Once you get through the initial set up costs the whole process becomes a lot easier to complete.

Once the initial costs are sorted then the average costs also drop down drastically. The average ounce can cost you about $60, whereas if you just buy it from a dispensary then you will spend around $100 to $400 for the same ounce depending on the strain that you decide to buy. If you have the option, then growing your cannabis is ideal.

You can grow up to 6 plants in a private residence as long as it in a locked area away from public view. There are also more rules that go along with it so it is better one checks upon the state legislation before growing plants

Pricing & Plans


$45.99 /Y Regularly $49 Get Recommendation
  • Get back to us for a marijuana renewal at least 30 days before the expiry date of your last mmj card.
  • Extend your validity for another year.


$49.99 /Y Regularly $69 Get Recommendation
  • You will get a digital copy and a physical medical marijuana card.
  • Get one-year validity to buying from any state-licensed marijuana dispensaries.


$39.99 /Y Regularly $59 Get Recommendation
  • You will get a digital copy of a medical marijuana card.
  • Get one-year validity for accessing medical marijuana products for your medical condition.


$199.99 /Y Regularly $249 Get License
  • Extend your growing limits to approximately 100 square feet.
  • You can grow quality medical marijuana strains for managing your medical condition.
+$20 Extra For Plastic Photo ID Card

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