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A Beginner’s Guide to Cold Start Dabbing

If you are a cannabis concentrate enthusiast, then you must be familiar with low-temperature dabbing. Dabbing has seen a lot of innovations in recent years. Basically, in dabbing high potent cannabis extracts are vaporized and then inhaled. But people keep experimenting with dabbing by using new tools, and techniques. This has led to starting a new trend of cold start dabbing.

Dabbing has become very popular among cannabis users. But, if you are looking to buy high potency cannabis strains, you would need a medical marijuana card in California. But, the full process of dabbing can consume a lot of time and people look for quicker, and cleaner methods to enjoy their cannabis extract and concentrates. Due to this reason, vape pens started becoming popular, as it is easier to use than that of dabbing. But, now there’s a solution to this problem, that is cold start dabbing.


What Are Cold Start Dabs?

Cold start dabs are also referred to as reverse dabs. In this, you are able to first load concentrates onto a cold nail and after that slowly heat it. 

This method of dabbing is inspired by the health stone dabbing. Health stone is inert and porous, which can fit onto specialty pipes and dab rigs. These stones exhibit low heat retention. Concentrates are loaded onto the stone in a nail and then the stone is heated directly with the loaded concentrates.

But, this was in trend before quartz and low-temperature dabs came into existence. Cold start dabbing uses a similar concept as of health stone but with new techniques and tools. It uses the technology that includes borosilicate glass, terp pearls, and directional carb caps. The concentrates in the nail are heated and you can hit the various terpene boiling points and still not overheating the nail.

Confused? Well, don’t worry, read along to know the full procedure of performing cold start dabbing. 


How to Perform Cold Start Dabs (a.k.a. Reverse Dabs)

Are you wondering, how did it get this name? Just have patience, you will have your answer soon, keep reading. 

Cold temp dabs are the best way to quickly heat dabs and enjoy all the flavors of different terpenes in your strain. Here are some of the tools you would need to perform cold start dabs, a dab rig with a clean nail (Quartz Banger style), an extract (of course), and a carb cap. So, here’s a step-by-step procedure to perform cold start dabs.

Well, the reason it is called reverse dab is that you have to reverse the steps of the traditional dabbing procedure.

Step 1:

At room temperature, put your extract or concentrate in a clean quartz banger, trough, or bucket.

Step 2:

Then place the carb cap on the top of the cool nail. 

Step 3:

Once you have placed your concentrate on the nail, ignite the torch and heat the nail with the tip of the torch. Be careful with this step. Make sure the flames are inches away from the nail, or else you will burn your concentrate.

Step 4:

Heat your concentrate for around 5 to 10 seconds until the oil begins to bubble and vaporize.

Step 5:

Once your oil begins to vaporize, take away the flames and turn off your torch. Then rotate the bubble or directional cap. This will create convection.

Step 6:

Inhale and enjoy your concentrate.


Benefits of Cold Start Dabs

Cold start dabs are perfect for people who are looking for a quick flavorful low-temperature pull, as you don’t have to heat the dab rig after every hit. This method can take up to half the time that normal dabs do. You won’t have to heat the glass banger too much, instead, you need minimal heating. 

The traditional ways of dabbing would need more tools and will consume more time. Whereas reverse dabbing can offer an alternative way to enjoy dabs that is faster than the traditional way. 


Drawbacks of Cold Start Dabs

Well, the biggest disadvantage of cold start dabbing is that it can waste your concentrates a bit. There can be some material left in the nail after you have taken the hit. You would have to remove this char and residue before you start your next dab. It’s important to clean the surface to get the authentic flavor of the concentrates. Also, reverse dabs are not for everyone. If you are using it for the first time, you may face problem in doing it properly. 


Final Thoughts 

If you are looking for a quick way for dabbing, cold start dabs would be your perfect choice. You can perform these dabs with quartz inserts, these are dishes that look like a tiny bucket. Quartz will keep your glass pieces looking new even after the use. Here’s a bonus tip for getting maximum efficiency: heat the sides of the banger with your torch. This way no oil will get stuck on the sides.