Is it Safe to Use Cannabis Amid the Pandemic?

In these times of uncertainty, it’s obvious that people are anxious. And anxiousness leads to questions and confusion. When people are confused, they naturally start looking for some answers that can give them some hope. However, it’s not always true that what they find is right. And this can be even more dangerous. 

The idea that cannabis can cure the novel coronavirus is just the same. We know the plant has numerous health benefits. And there are many arguments that it may enhance your immunity too. However, does this make cannabis a safe substance to use during this COVID-19 outbreak? There are many answers available to this question, both in favor and against. But what is right and what’s not, we’re still trying to figure out. 

Let’s try to solve this once and for all.

The Effects of CBD and CBG on Our Immune System

The cannabis plant has several cannabinoids that affects our immune system in some ways. And CBD and CBG are the two main ones. Both these cannabinoids have immunomodulatory properties. This means if our body’s natural immune system gets off balance, they have the power to restore that balance. However, the effects of these cannabinoids against viral infections are still not very well researched. 

CBG particularly has some antibacterial properties. That means it is quite effective against infections like MRSA, which is an antibiotic-resistant infection. However, COVID-19 is, instead, a virus. And bacteria and viruses are two completely different things. Thus, CBG, which is an anti-bacterial, won’t have any effects on COVID-19. However, it may help the sufferer with other secondary infections. But as the disease is a very new one, we don’t have much research available on this topic.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Cannabis

If you are already a cannabis user, you probably know that the herb has some amazing anti-inflammatory effects. But can it help you with this novel coronavirus?

In general, the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabinoids can be very helpful in several conditions. However, in the case of certain viral infections, the inflammatory response of the immune system is actually a help for you. It helps your body fight off the infection. But if you consume cannabis, the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabinoids may suppress this inflammation. And this might be harmful for you. 

Does it mean Cannabis Increases the Chances of getting COVID-19?

In the case of COVID-19, we don’t know a lot about the disease itself, let alone its interaction with cannabinoids. Also, every disease has a different pathology. And thus, defining how exactly cannabinoids may interact with COVID-19 is almost impossible for now. We know that THC is an immunosuppressant. So, it probably isn’t an ideal choice for treating a condition like COVID-19. However, how true is this statement? We still don’t have much research to answer this question.

There is another group of people that argue that cannabis may help people during COVID-19. They believe that the anxiolytic properties of cannabis help people reduce their anxiety and fight insomnia. And this ultimately improves their immunity. However, even this fact isn’t concrete evidence in favor of or against the use of cannabis for COVID-19.

Can you Use Cannabis for a Medical Condition, then?

If you are thinking of applying for 420 evaluations, or already have an mmj card, to manage one of your medical conditions, don’t hesitate to use cannabis. However, you should consult your doctor first, if you are in any doubt. Also, if you consume your marijuana by smoking, try to find an alternative method, as smoking is harmful to your lungs. And COVID-19, as you know, affects your lungs the most.

There are many other ways by which you can consume cannabis, such as edibles, oils, vaporizers, etc. And these are much safer in terms of your lung health.

Can a Healthy Person Consume Cannabis during COVID-19?

There’s nothing wrong with consuming cannabis, even during this pandemic. However, if you usually smoke it, consider changing your method to keep your lungs safe during this time. Cannabis definitely has the potential to help you cope with the stress and anxiety due to this outbreak. And this may help you keep your immune system in good shape. However, you must maintain a balance.

Furthermore, say, unfortunately, you catch COVID-19, it would be better to stop using marijuana for a few weeks, as there is a chance it may interact with other medications. 

In the end, take this virus very seriously, and take every necessary precaution while using cannabis.