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Safety Precautions to Take While Using Cannabis amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has completely changed the way we usually go about our daily lives. We are taking precautions at every single step we’re taking. We are following social distancing and quarantining. And we are trying to keep ourselves as clean as possible. Now, if we are doing all this, doesn’t it make sense we take some precautions while consuming cannabis too?

Cannabis has been deemed an essential amid this pandemic, given a myriad of people relying on it to treat their medical conditions. Also, due to the stress and anxiety induced by this disease, many new people are getting in line for 420 evaluations to get a new MMJ card. And owing to all this, it’s very important for cannabis consumers to know how they can enjoy this magic plant, safely. 

Here are a few precautions you must take while consuming cannabis amid this pandemic.

Sharing isn’t Caring

Sharing has always been an important part of cannabis culture. The “puff and pass” is like a ritual for every stoner. However, given the circumstances, it is probably the worst thing you can do now while enjoying cannabis. 

The novel COVID-19, as we all know, is a disease that transmits via the droplets in the nose and mouth. And when you are using a bong or a joint, no matter how hard you try, you will leave your saliva on it. Also, you never know who already has this condition, as the symptoms sometimes are not visible. So, if you share your pipe or joint with someone, there is a chance you or someone else may catch the infection. 

Solution: Keep your weed to yourself only.

Clean Your Hardware Regularly

According to the research until now, the novel coronavirus can survive on copper for at least four hours and on plastic and stainless steel for up to a few days. And thus, you must ensure your pipes, bongs and bowls are properly clean. You should wash your hardware using a cleaning solution that has a high isopropyl alcohol percentage. And you must clean them thoroughly, not just the mouthpiece.

Prefer a Non-Inhalation Method of Consumption

Smoking is definitely the oldest and most traditional way of consuming cannabis. Plus, it is one of the most popular methods among cannabis enthusiasts. However, during this pandemic, it, surely, isn’t the safest one. As per the experts, the COVID-19 virus impacts our lungs the most. And smoking just works as a fuel to the fire. 

Having said that, if you usually consume cannabis by smoking, you should consider changing your method. There are many other amazing methods you can switch to. Try edibles, oils, or drinks, which won’t affect your lungs in any way.

Buy from Trusted Sources only

Due to the sudden outbreak of the disease, a lot of people initially started running to the dispensaries and stockpiling their supplies. And due to this, there was a shortage of products. Even if there was availability somewhere, there was a long line of customers there. And owing to all this, a lot of people started turning to the black market.

However, you must understand that the product you get from the black market suppliers are not tested for their quality. And thus, they may prove dangerous to your health. Therefore, you must buy from trusted sources only. Furthermore, for people who don’t know, cannabis has been deemed an essential business by the government. And so, you can get your product from any nearby dispensary very easily now.

An advice though- Prefer ordering your supplies online and pursue curbside or online delivery, if available. And always wear a mask.