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Understanding the Cannabis Entourage Effect

The entourage effect refers to the connection between cannabinoids, terpenes, and other 100+ compounds working together to provide health benefits. The entourage effect is also termed as whole-plant synergy and the theory behind this effect states that diverse compounds can deliver more effective results than isolated cannabinoids. 

The first case of the entourage effect was made in the late 1990. The researchers studied the effects of the cannabis plant extracts in detail. The author of the study went on to say that our body’s endocannabinoid system responds well to whole plant extracts. In particular, THC and CBD – the most well-known and abundantly found components of the cannabis plant. The synergy of cannabinoids also explains why whole plant medicines alleviate the symptoms of certain medical conditions more effectively than medicines containing only one or two components.

Unfortunately, in recent times where an online medical marijuana card is easily available, everybody uses the entourage effect to their own advantage. Cannabis brands splash the theory across products with little or no knowledge. So, questions like what is the entourage effect? How does it work? Is the entourage effect real? If yes, what should we know about it? Not knowing the answer to all these questions can be a problem, especially when you deal with cannabis. To ensure that you know everything about the entourage effect we have created a post that talks about the famous cannabis entourage effect in the light of emerging research. 

Understanding the Entourage Phenomenon 

A wide range of studies has started looking into the nuances of the entourage effect. The researchers and scientists are digging deeper and trying to make the most out of this effect. As a result, we have both contradictory and supportive papers of research. The contradicting ones obviously question the essence of the entourage effect. Whether the effect is real or hyped. On the other hand, some studies reveal that the entourage effect doubles the health benefits. Before jumping to conclusions, let us take a look at a few studies. 

Entourage Effect Backed by Research 

The findings of the study may vary from each other but the mechanism behind the entourage effect still requires clarity. The cannabis market will make you believe and sell the entourage effect to the extent that it almost looks real. In reality, some experts think that the hype may not be real and in-depth research is needed to completely understand its effects. 

For starters, let us begin by giving you research examples that prove cannabinoids work more efficiently in tandem with each other. In other words, one cannabinoid boosts the other. Just like THC along with other compounds can further improve the therapeutic performance of CBD. 
In a study, related to breast cancer, the presence of various cannabinoids helped alleviate the symptoms of cancer. The author of the study revealed that THC isolates are more effective when paired with other components. Not only this but cannabis extracts can help slow down the growth of the tumor. This, in turn, can also prove quite effective in the case of cancer patients who suffer from various side effects. In addition to this, it has to be noted that the synergy of these cannabinoids, particularly CBG, CBD, and THC accounts for the overall effect. When present in significant quantities the extracts boost performance and the effects slow down as soon as the isolate comes in the picture.

What’s More?

Another study, comparing CBD whole plant extract and CBD isolate, revealed that CBD isolates are as much effective as the whole plant extracts in treating severe forms of epilepsy. The only exception, in this case, was that the dosing guide. The dose in the case of the whole plant extracts was 20% smaller than the isolate. 

For experts the concept of the entourage is real. Perhaps why many research papers keep emerging and each time we get a different finding. The only problem is that some experts think that the concept of the entourage effect has been overgeneralized. Yes, we have irrefutable evidence that CBD helps THC and vice versa but the hype is not justified. As a result, we have to contradict opinions on the subject of entourage efficiency. 

Furthermore, if we look at why one cannabinoid boosts the performance of others, we have to first understand the relationship between whole-plant extracts and isolates. You see, the role of our endocannabinoid system is very simple. It regulates several functions inside the body. So, when your body’s natural receptors interact

with the Phyto cannabinoids it causes the body to feel certain effects. In the case of THC, you can feel a little intoxicated while CBD will help you relax without causing psychoactive effects. However, when CBD and THC interact with the body’s natural receptors, CBD neutralizes the effects of THC providing more benefits. That said, let us delve deeper and understand the relationship between minor cannabinoids. 

What Is the Relationship Between Minor Cannabinoids?

To be honest, as of now it is not easier to understand the relationship between minor cannabinoids. First, they have been recently found. Second, they are present in very low quantities. Third, researchers still need to understand the nature and behavior of new cannabinoids such as CBN and CBG. That’s a basic observation and it doesn’t mean that they do not have a role in boosting the performance of abundantly found compounds such as THC and CBD. 

As cannabis experts and canna-lovers taking these factors into account become quite essential. This helps us understand how cannabis works and what are the other nuances in need of extensive research. The entourage effect can be easily understood by the relationship between different cannabinoids, but the deficiency and lack of research forbid us from understanding the entire concept clearly. 

Final Thoughts on Entourage Effect and Its Realness

Yes, it is a real phenomenon, but not every cannabis user knows much about it. As a result, a lack of knowledge and ignorance has led to certain misunderstandings. People unaware of true knowledge, propagate the entourage effect. While others simply question its effectiveness because we still do not have consolidated proof. Also why doctors do not provide an online medical marijuana card or recommendations to patients based on cannabinoids and terpenes. We still have a long way to go. Until further concrete research, we can only say that the entourage effect is real, but we need more proof to understand its effectiveness and relationship with other cannabinoids. 

Despite the conflicting status and some newly emerged scientific reports, the cannabis community will always support the positive benefits of the entourage effect. They will show how the effect has benefitted their friends, family, and themselves. So, the lack of research is something that should not bother you or anyone else who believes in cannabis. This way you know that yes cannabis research and laws have several loopholes. Be it lack of evidence or ambiguity in the recent interim issued by the DEA. Patients have to believe in the power of cannabis as long as they are using it for either recreational or medicinal purposes.