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Why do You Need a Medical Cannabis Card in 2020?

Medical cannabis has boomed in recent times. Millions of people across the globe are ready to experience the medical benefits of this green herb. It used to be a drug that was stigmatized as illegal and hallucinogenic. But the hesitation has long gone since the legalization of medical marijuana across several states of the US. 

So, are you ready to be a part of this evolution? 

If you think that you have a medical condition that can find a better solution in cannabis then there’s no harm in giving it a try. All you have to do is get a medical cannabis card from a board-certified doctor and you will be able to use medical marijuana without any restrictions. But, you may be thinking, do you really need a online medical card? Even in 2020? Isn’t your state-issued identity proof enough? Well, let me give you a detailed answer to your questions.

What is a Medical Cannabis Card? 

First, you must understand what exactly is a medical cannabis card.

A medical cannabis card is sometimes also referred to as a medical marijuana card or an MMJ card. Just like your identity proof or a voter id card, a medical cannabis card states that you are a valid medical marijuana consumer. It is issued by the state and gives you the leverage to use, buy and even grow medical marijuana without any legal issues or restrictions from anyone. 

Now, getting a medical card is important mainly because of the issue with the federal government. While we may know of cannabis as a medicine of the future that can be used as a treatment for different ailments, the federal law considers cannabis a Schedule 1 Drug. Yes, cannabis is still illegal under Federal Law. Even in 2020, the FDA doesn’t consider cannabis to be safe or efficient to be used as a medicine. But, considering the little research that exists and the reports given by cannabis consumers, medical marijuana has shown immense medical potential. So, how do you get hold of cannabis amidst these clashing ideas of the state and federal government? You get yourself a medical cannabis card.

When you apply for a medical card, it stays valid for up to a year or two depending on the state you live in. Upon expiration, you can apply for a renewal and continue enjoying the benefits of an MMJ card. 

How is Medical Cannabis Different From Recreational Cannabis?

Medical cannabis and recreational cannabis are two different categories. While you will be using cannabis in both cases, there are some very basic differences between the two. 

For starters, as we’ve discussed already, you need an MMJ card for using medical cannabis in your state. But getting a medical card is not as easy as it seems. Just like identity proof, you have to be eligible to get a medical card. Every state follows a medical marijuana program that decides the conditions for an MMJ Card applicant. Generally, every state has an extensive list of medical conditions and symptoms that decides the qualification for a medical card. These may include cancer, anorexia, chronic pain, seizures etc. The conditions vary from one state to another. So if you need a medical card, your condition must be mentioned in the long list of qualifying ailments set by the state government. It is only after you complete your evaluation, you will receive your doctor’s recommendation and card that can be used to buy and consume cannabis. 

As for recreational marijuana, you don’t need a medical card. If the state has legalized recreational use of cannabis, you can take one of your identity proofs and buy or consume cannabis. 

So, if you can use cannabis recreationally, why bother getting a medical card? Well, if you don’t enjoy privileges or exclusive perks, then sure, go ahead and don’t apply for a medical card. But if you think otherwise, read along to learn more about these exclusive perks. 

Are There Any Benefits of Getting a Medical Card?

Where do I even start?

Yes, a medical cannabis card offers privileges to anyone who owns it. And these advantages are applicable even in a recreational state. Let’s take a look at the benefits that you will receive as a medical cannabis consumer. 

Extra Savings

Medical bills can really take up a major fraction of your monthly expenses. And restocking cannabis every week or month can be an expensive errand too. But if you have a medical card, you don’t have to worry much about the money. 

The state government exempts sales and use tax on cannabis for every medical cannabis consumer. So you can have more than 28 percent savings on your cannabis purchases. In addition to this, you can use your cannabis card to ask for special discounts and access products of different price ranges. All of this will save you a lot of money. 

Exclusive Access

Cannabis has more than a thousand different strains and even more variety in cannabis products. But you cannot have access to each of these cannabis products unless you have a medical card. That’s because recreational cannabis has a potency limit for the amount of THC you can carry and consume. As for medical cannabis, there are no such restrictions. If your doctor recommends you to use a more potent strain, you can buy it by showing your medical card. No one will stop you or question you. 

Also, you can enter any dispensary or order cannabis from all online stores across the state without any issues. But, if you use recreational cannabis, you may not be allowed to enter a  medical-only dispensary. 

Leverage on Limitations

Even medical cannabis is subjected to certain limitations. But all of them are in accordance with the needs of the patients. If we compare with recreational cannabis, medical marijuana consumers have an upper hand. Here’s why.

Possession limit

1 ounce for recreational cannabis and 8 ounces for medical cannabis.

Grow limit

Six plants for recreational cannabis and up to 100 square feet for medical cannabis.

Age Limit

21 years for recreational cannabis and 18 years for medical cannabis.

These limitations are different in different states so always check with the authorities. You can take advantage of all these aspects only if you have a valid medical marijuana card. 

How to Get a Medical Cannabis Card in Oxnard?

Before considering applying for a medical card, look at the qualifying conditions of your state. Do you check all the boxes? If yes, then go ahead and find a clinic you can trust. Nowadays, you can even find online 420 evaluations that take no more than 10 minutes to complete while you sit at home. 

Once you find the clinic, register on their website or make an appointment and wait for your consultation. A medical professional will access your medical history and present condition and determine if you are eligible for a medical card. Once you qualify, you will receive your card or recommendation on your email or on the spot (if you are visiting a physical clinic.)

So what are you waiting for? Take your laptop and start looking for the best clinic to get your medical marijuana card.