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Marijuana Can Help Boost Mood & Ease Anxiety

In the digital age, the number of patients suffering from anxiety has significantly increased. In a survey conducted by Science Alert in 2018, 40 percent of respondents agreed that they felt more anxious than a year ago. Marijuana treatment for anxiety is getting popular among Americans. Many studies show that cannabinoids present in the marijuana […]

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How Long Cannabis is Detectable in The System?

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is a cannabis cannabinoid that can stay in the body for several days, even weeks. It’s responsible for providing high effects. The duration of the effects of THC depends on several factors, such as: Unlike alcohol or drugs, the effects of marijuana don’t disappear within a few hours. They last longer instead. Drug […]

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Why do You Need a Medical Cannabis Card in 2020?

Medical cannabis has boomed in recent times. Millions of people across the globe are ready to experience the medical benefits of this green herb. It used to be a drug that was stigmatized as illegal and hallucinogenic. But the hesitation has long gone since the legalization of medical marijuana across several states of the US.  […]

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